6 May 2019
6 May 2019, Comments Comments Off on All-Party Parliamentary Group launched to raise awareness of trailer and towing safety
All-Party Parliamentary Group launched to raise awareness of trailer and towing safety

A Trailer and Towing Safety All-Party Parliamentary Group has been set up to bring together parliamentarians, industry representatives and consumer groups to discuss and raise awareness of trailer and towing safety in the UK.

The trade body for the UK caravan industry, the National Caravan Council (NCC) has taken on the role of group Secretariat for Trailer and Towing Safety All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG), which is to be chaired by four Members of Parliament as elected Officers.

At its inaugural meeting, the APPG will discuss a programme of work for the future as well as reviewing the latest report on trailer safety from the Department for Transport.

The National Towing Working Group, chaired by Highways England and including representatives from across the towing community, will also be launching the first ever Safety Framework with the aim of reducing towing-related incidents, both business and domestic related, across the road network in Britain.

Speaking about the launch of the APPG, Karin Smyth, MP for Bristol South, said: “Today’s launch of the new APPG on towing and trailer safety is a hugely significant step towards protecting road users and pedestrians. It gives the issue the attention in parliament that it deserves and paves the way for changes needed in the area of safe towing over the coming months and years.”

Alicia Dunne of the NCC added: “I am pleased that the NCC has been invited to provide the Secretariat for this newly formed APPG on trailer and towing safety. We have consistently been an advocate of trailer safety education and awareness, and the importance of regular professional servicing. We look forward to helping Karin and the group develop practical, proportionate and effective measures aimed at improving trailer and towing safety for all UK road users.”

Road safety data[1] indicates that in 2017 there were 1,329 personal injury collisions on public roads across GB involving a towing vehicle. The cost prevention of KSI (Killed or Seriously Injured) casualties[2] from a collision involving a towing vehicle is estimated to be around £168.4 million. The most common contributory factors assigned to personal injury collisions involving all types of towing vehicle are classed as driver/rider error or reaction factors.

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