1 December 2023
1 December 2023, Comments Comments Off on All-new Renault Master promises greater efficiency and comfort, plus diesel, electric and a future hydrogen powertrain
All-new Renault Master promises greater efficiency and comfort, plus diesel, electric and a future hydrogen powertrain

The all-new Renault Master promises cutting-edge technology, increased usability and enhanced efficiency, space and comfort. It will be available from Spring 2024 with a choice of all-electric and diesel drivetrains, with the multi-energy platform that is adaptable for a future hydrogen powertrain.  

Advanced aerodynamics ensure the new fourth-generation version is the most efficient van in its class, regardless of how it is powered. The 100% electric version will offer a range of up 255 miles.

A new multi-energy platform offers 105 to 170 hp Diesel Blue dCi engines (lower CO2 emissions and consumption), with 96 or 105-kW electric motors and 40 or 87 kWh batteries providing more than 410 km of WLTP range, plus the hydrogen version.

There is a new 9-speed gearbox and 20 sophisticated driver assistance systems providing optimal safety, and an innovative dynamic braking system that boosts effectiveness no matter how loaded the van is, halving braking time and enhancing driver convenience.

It has Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) and Vehicle-to-Load (V2L) charging possibilities in the electric versions, straight from the battery or via outlets in the cockpit or load area, to power devices.

The OpenR Link multimedia system, 10-inch screen, wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility and remote vehicle connection via the My Renault app come as standard in every model in the line-up; the ultra-modern OpenR Link with Google built-in features (50-plus apps from Google Play, Google Maps and natural voice interaction with Google Assistant), various other connected services and wireless smartphone chargers are available as optional extras.

Next-level LCV essentials: a choice of more than 40 silhouettes and limitless conversion possibilities, greater payloads (up to 2 tonnes with front-wheel drives), 11 to 22 cubic metre load areas with front- or rear-wheel drives, and greater, best-in-class loading width and length.

Renault says it is the only vehicle in its category made in France: the three energy versions and all the bodies are made on the same production line in Batilly (near Metz, eastern France).

The four diesel Blue dCi powertrains, deliver 105, 130, 150 or 170hp consume less fuel (1.5 litres less per 100km on average) and emit less CO2 (39 grams less per km, below 200g/km). Depending on the version, the engines can be paired to a 6-speed manual gearbox or a highly efficient new 9-speed automatic gearbox.

The fully-electric all-new Renault Master is powered by a 105kW motor, delivering 300Nm of torque. It benefits from a 87 kWh battery that provides a WLTP range of more than 255 miles.

Renault says the all-new Master boasts record-high payload capacity (1,625kg in a van requiring a B-category driving licence), range and towing capability (2.5 tonnes). Its consumption at a WLTP standardised 21 kWh/100km with the large 87 kWh battery, thanks to the battery heat management system. A 130kW DC fast charge adds 229km of range in just 30 minutes. A 22kW AC home charger tops up the battery from 10% to 100% in just under four hours. The All-new Renault Master is also designed to accommodate a hydrogen engine and fuel cell in future.

Its distinctive front end includes Renault’s new logo and the extra-large full-LED headlamps in the signature C-shaped array around the grille. A U-shaped inset below the grille can be grainy black or, in higher trim levels, the same colour as the body. Customers have a choice of seven body colours as standard and over 300 special hues.

The proportions have been meticulously fine-tuned to strike the right balance for each body type. The rear is narrower to optimise aerodynamics, but the rear opening and load area are large nevertheless. The rear window is asymmetrical – a typical Master feature – and the rear lights have a distinctive C-shaped pattern like the ones at the front.

A great deal of development work was invested into perceived quality and toughness. The fact that each side panel is a single part, for example, adds to the solid look – especially in the longer versions – and they are extra stiff so they will not warp. Perceived quality in the cargo area is also higher, spanning as far as the reinforcements and other internal details.

An openR Link multimedia system, 10-inch screen, wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility, built-in Google features, and remote vehicle connection via the My Renault app are standard in every version of the new Renault Master. It also offers a choice of 20 different configurations, a payload of up to four tonnes, 11-22 cubic metre load areas plus best-in-class loading width and length.

All versions are built on the same assembly line, which allows a great deal of flexibility to handle customisation requests. All the bodies come from the same line in Batilly (near Metz, in Eastern France). The powertrains and gearboxes are made in France, the batteries are assembled in France, and 84% of the suppliers are based in France.