5 December 2017
5 December 2017, Comments Comments Off on Alde Corp launches new boiler with continuous hot water
Alde Corp launches new boiler with continuous hot water

Alde Corp., market leader in innovative hydronic heating solutions, announces the release of its new 3020 with Flow. Based on the proven efficiency and reliability of the company’s renowned 3010 compact boiler, it delivers the added benefit of continuous hot water for cooking, washing and bathing.
The 3020 with Flow provides all the advantages of hydronic heating: gentle currents of radiant and convective warmth that evenly heat the interior, without the noise and dry air common with electric products. Combined with the luxury of a ready supply of continuous hot water, the new boiler is a groundbreaking step for the company.
“What we’ve done is to make the Flow work absolutely seamlessly with the 3020,” said Ken Elwell, Alde Corp. president. “OEMs such as Airstream have experienced great results with this.”
The 3020 with Flow utilizes next-generation software and electronics. The enhancement features a more intuitive dual zone mode for enhanced livability and a high altitude setting. Smart programming provides day and night temperatures for greater comfort and energy efficiency. Users can prioritize between gas or 110V electric energy sources.