15 September 2023
15 September 2023, Comments Comments Off on AL-KO Comfort Drive improves comfort and road safety for motorhomes
AL-KO Comfort Drive improves comfort and road safety for motorhomes

AL-KO Vehicle Technology has introduced a new Comfort Drive semi-active suspension for motorhomes that is designed to increase comfort and road safety by reducing any pitching or rolling movements of the vehicle and vibrations from the impact of potholes and bumps in the road surface.

The Comfort Drive system is available as a retrofit kit and is initially only available for motorhomes on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter fitted with the AL-KO AMC chassis.

It is constantly active and uses acceleration sensors on the vehicle body and wheel mounts to continuously measure real-time vehicle behaviour to calculate the expected vehicle movement and instantly change the shock absorbers’ settings accordingly – automatically and practically in real time.

The benefits are that this system significantly reduces disruptive wobbling, pitching, and rolling movements along the vehicle axle and noticeably decreases impacts on the chassis. This helps the driver feel more in control of the vehicle and also improves ride comfort.

Other benefits of the system are improved handling and braking performance as it adapts to difference driving surfaces instantly and compensates for any unevenness, within the given physical limits, and supports emergency braking by changing the shock absorber settings to help to reduce the stopping distance.

The AL-KO Comfort Drive system is constantly active and offers a choice of two modes – comfort and normal – and is connected to the vehicle via a CAN-BUS interface and controls it within the vehicle-specific ESP configuration.

Shock absorber characteristics are changed by modifying the oil flow of the rebound and compression damping. The interaction of all these factors allows automatic scaling of the control under different load conditions or crosswinds.

Here is the video demonstrating the system