26 October 2020
26 October 2020, Comments Comments Off on Aguti announces new S2 bench seat/bed for campervans
Aguti announces new S2 bench seat/bed for campervans

Aguti, which has been part of the AL-KO Vehicle Technology Group since 2019, has announced a new S2 two-seater sleeping bench seat for B2B customers for vans and campers which it says is 60kg lighter than many competitors.

Aguti describes the new seat as “light and functional like a swiss pocket knife”. The seat is available with a single or double backrest and the backrest is infinitely adjustable just by using one handle.

The intelligent folding kinematics of the back and seat offer not only a high level of seating comfort, but also an easy way of turning the bench into a comfortable sleeping area.

At 60 kg, the system is lightweight compared to others which will benefit the fuel consumption of the respective leisure vehicle.

The new sleeping bench seat can be fitted to numerous camping vehicles; for example, certain models of the Mercedes-Benz V Class, the Citroen Space Tourer or the Opel Zafira Life. It is possible to fit it to other rail systems, as well as custom-made products.

Aguti says the new seat also sets standards in terms of flexibility. It can be moved backwards or forwards so the interior can be adjusted to the space requirements of passengers or their luggage.

Like all Aguti seats, the S2 is also equipped with the patented ASBC system (Aguti Safety Bend Control), which guarantees controlled deformation in the event of a crash. All belts are firmly connected to the vehicle frame or the rail floor and are designed for two people. There are two integrated three-point safety belts and two adjustable head restraints that can be easily removed if necessary. The safety of the smallest on board is also ensured, as Isofix is ​​standard.