AL-KO announces lightweight LightR™ chassis for Australia

1 March 2019
1 March 2019, Comments Comments Off on AL-KO announces lightweight LightR™ chassis for Australia

AL-KO Australia has announced a “revolutionary” new lightweight LightR™ chassis concept designed specifically to reduce the weight of Australian caravans. AL-KO says it offers “significant” weight savings compared to the traditional type of chassis usually used for caravans built in Australia.

It is a hot-dipped galvanised steel chassis designed to retain the strong and durable characteristics required for the tough Australian conditions; however, it has been engineered to remove unrequired chassis material based on the design of the caravan.

As you would expect, it can integrate with the AL-KO Enduro independent trailing arm suspension, and has been tested for Australian conditions.

Any manufacturers interested in using the AL-KO LightR™ chassis can register their interest at:

Founded in 1931, AL-KO Vehicle Technology is a global technology company with sites in Europe, South America, Asia and Australia. A supplier of high quality chassis components for trailers, leisure vehicles and light commercial vehicles, AL-KO is synonymous with ergonomic and functional excellence, superb comfort as well as innovations to enhance road safety. The company specialises in sophisticated innovation processes and has received many awards for this.

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