2 March 2023
2 March 2023, Comments Comments Off on Aguti celebrates 30 years of seating innovation
Aguti celebrates 30 years of seating innovation

Aguti, a leading supplier of motorhome and campervan seat technology, is celebrating a significant milestone in 2023: 30 years of growth and innovation.

Since it started in early 1993, Aguti has grown consistently, reaching annual sales of more than 50,000 units of seats, benches, swivel fixings and rail systems. These are delivered to over 20 countries from its headquarters at Langenargen in Germany and various production sites across Europe.

To mark its anniversary, Aguti looks back, with its workforce of 50 people, on a remarkable story of innovation, as well as a third year of growth as a part of AL-KO Vehicle Technology Group and DexKo Global Inc.

“Congratulations to everyone at Aguti on reaching their anniversary,” said Fred Bentley, President and CEO of DexKo Global Inc. “It is a major milestone for the company, and I have been impressed how Aguti has grown over the years whilst retaining the creative, customer-focused approach for which they have become known over the last three decades. DexKo is proud to count Aguti as part of our family since January 2020. They are an important part of our continued growth. We look forward to many more successful years together.”

Harald Hiller, President and CEO of AL-KO Vehicle Technology Group added: “Over 30 years, Aguti has developed a strong position as a leader in a competitive marketplace. Since becoming part of our group of companies, Aguti has complimented the core business creating a value-added partnership which delivers benefit to our customers. During Aguti’s three years so far within the DexKo and AL-KO VT group, I have established strong relationships with our colleagues in Langenargen and we are already planning together for the next 30 years and beyond.”

The seeds of future growth were sowed 30 years ago when an innovative concept inspired the first Aguti seats, produced in a former greenhouse in Kressbronn. Aguti caught the attention of manufacturers by creating one of the first seat belt-integrated motorhome seats, initially developed for its customer, Knaus, before expanding to other clients.

It then developed a broader range of products, including swivel fixations, bench seats and rail systems, all displaying the Aguti hallmark of high-quality, user-friendly engineering and conforming to strict safety standards. Underpinning that commitment is Aguti’s DIN EN ISO 9001 certification, first achieved in 1997.

What started as a visionary design project quickly became an established supplier within the industry, and this required a modern, dedicated facility. In 2003, Aguti moved into a new headquarters, decorated in its signature black and gold colours, to allow an expansion of research and development, engineering, and innovation capabilities. 

In 2005 Aguti sales had quadrupled, with a workforce now three times larger, and the company was able to contribute to wider social targets via new apprentice and internship positions.

Customer expectations are constantly evolving and Aguti’s quest for improvements continued. The company’s innovation broadened to include lightweight engineering, which would soon become particularly relevant for electric vehicle developers. Those efforts were strengthened in 2012 when an in-house tensile test rig was introduced for material testing and TÜV certification. 

An alliance with a multi-sector, global giant was an obvious next step, and this came in 2019 when AL-KO Vehicle Technology took ownership of the company. That also brought the company within DexKo Global Inc., one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality chassis technology, chassis assemblies, accessories, and hydraulic brake components.

“It’s a remarkable story of expansion and innovation, which has been achieved thanks to the creative spirit and hard work of everyone who has worked for the company, including in our many independent production centres,” said Sebastian Janssen, Managing Director of Aguti. 

From 2023, Aguti expands into the Japanese market thanks to a prestigious cooperation with Toy-Factory, Japan’s leading converter of recreational vehicles. Sales are expected to further increase with the latest seating innovation, the Slide-Out comfort bench. Utilising the synergies offered within the wider AL-KO VT and DexKo Global family, and bringing its own independent spirit of creativity, Aguti continues to prosper. It enters its fourth decade as a benchmark for seating excellence, exporting comfort and safety around the world to thousands of customers each year.