5 June 2023
5 June 2023, Comments Comments Off on Adria Home celebrates its 20th anniversary
Adria Home celebrates its 20th anniversary

Aboutcamp BtoB recently joined a celebration event in Slovenia for the 20th anniversary of Adria Home, part of the Trigano Group, that produces a range of modern and stylish Mobile Home and Glamping Tents.

Adria Home produces between 1,500 and 1,700 housing units annually, with a strong emphasis on international markets, exporting to about 30 countries worldwide. Italy and Croatia are its main markets, followed by Austria, Germany, and Benelux. Only two percent of its product sales are in its home country of Slovenia.

Adria Home has achieved impressive success over the past eight years. With annual sales of nearly €60 million and a remarkable revenue growth rate of about 20 percent per year, the company has established itself as one of the major players in the industry. During this period, it has significantly expanded its workforce from about 100 to more than 300 employees.

Recognizing the importance of continuous development, Adria Home invests about €1.5 million annually in various areas, ensuring innovation and growth.

Looking ahead, the company has ambitious plans for further expansion. It is preparing to launch a substantial investment of at least €10 million in the short term, focusing on enhancing space capabilities and other aspects. This strategic move is in line with their vision of generating annual sales of up to 100 million euros and producing up to 3,000 mobile homes.

Important guests at the celebration event included the Slovenian Minister of Economy, Tourism and Sports, Matjaž Han; Trigano Group President, Stéphane Gigou; Trigano Group General Manager, Michel Freich; French Ambassador to Slovenia, Florence Lévy; Andrej Kavšek, Major of Črnomelj; and the President of the Chamber of Commerce of Dolenjska and Bela Krajina, Marko Gorjup, plthe Adria Home management team.

“I am delighted to celebrate the 20th anniversary of your company with you today. A company that successfully competes in global markets, actively engages in the local community, and takes care of its employees. Two decades of successful operation are an important milestone for any company. They clearly demonstrate your commitment to excellence, innovation, and outstanding performance. I believe all this is due to dedicated employees and an excellent Managing Director,” said the Minister Matjaž Han. “I am particularly pleased that your company does not rest on its laurels. But rather, that are aware that without innovation and continuous development, there is no future. And you have some incredible awards that prove that, among those are the awards from chamber of Commerce of Slovenia for Special Business Achievements, Delo Enterpeneurial Star Award, and the most prestigious International Red Dot Award for XLine Series“.

“Your innovativeness and entrepreneurship have ensured that your products are present in over 30 countries worldwide. You are in constant motion of development, which is also evident by your projects that the Ministry of Economy have supported with 2.5 million euros over the years. And I can see that you are already thinking about what tomorrow will bring. You are confidently looking to the future and preparing for the expansion of the production. And here, I will make an effort to support you as a Country. You are also active in the field of digitalization and sustainable business practices. Your mission ‘Closer to nature’ and the comprehensive digital transformation with the ‘Digital Twin’ can serve as an example to the entire industry. The digital and green transformation is not only necessary for ecological reasons but is also demanded by competitiveness in the global market. And I know that you are well aware of this fact. To conclude, I would like to congratulate to all the employees and to the General Manager, Ms. Marta Kelvišar, and express my gratitude for your significant contribution to the mosaic of the Slovenian economy over the past twenty years”.

Stéphane Gigou expressed gratitude to colleagues, customers, suppliers, and distinguished guests for their presence on this significant day for Adria Home and Trigano in Slovenia. He introduced Trigano as a company specializing in designing, producing, and selling leisure vehicles and trailers since the 1930s. 

Stéphane Gigou emphasized the ecological and modern nature of mobile homes and highlighted important investments in Slovenia and France, which would provide Adria Home with significant growth opportunities. He mentioned the potential opportunity to take control of Bio Habitat, one of the largest players in the European industry, aiming to solidify Trigano’s position as the leader in Europe.

Sonja Gole, General Manager of Adria Mobil, highlighted the significance of mobile homes, glamping tents, modular houses, and floating houses as integral components of the Adria brand’s comprehensive range of leisure products and services. Reflecting on the company’s 20th anniversary, Gole emphasized the origins of Adria Mobil’s venture into mobile housing units, which began in 2001 under the leadership of Stanislav Lukšič-Luka.

Production of the first mobile homes commenced in 2002, and a pivotal moment occurred in 2007 when Adria Mobil acquired the Spanish company Sun Roller, expanding its production facilities in Slovenia. The appointment of a new management team in 2014 further propelled the company’s growth, leading to accolades and recognition for Adria Home’s innovative solutions and holistic approach.

Gole expressed confidence in the future, foreseeing an increasing number of people opting for mobile homes and recreational vehicles as a means to enjoy nature without compromising on quality, comfort, and aesthetics. She emphasized the sustainable nature of mobile homes as a vital aspect of vacationing, aligning with Adria Mobil’s long-term strategy that prioritizes sustainability and responsible practices.