15 December 2021
15 December 2021, Comments Comments Off on ADAC transforms Camping Gala 2022 into a digital event: the cancellation of CMT now seems to be confirmed
ADAC transforms Camping Gala 2022 into a digital event: the cancellation of CMT now seems to be confirmed

ADAC has just officially announced that its Camping Gala scheduled for the next CMT in Stuttgart will not be held live, as expected, but only as a digital event. At the time of writing, the official confirmation is missing, but from what is written by ADAC Camping it seems that the 2022 edition of the CMT will not be held either. For now, there is no official confirmation from the organizers of the fair, but as can be seen from the screen below, an important international site that deals with the finding of hostesses and services for fairs and conferences, Nementum, has given up the event.

This is what ADAC wrote today:

Dear ADAC Camping Partner,
after months of intensive preparation and great anticipation for the personal reunion, we regret to inform you today that the ADAC Camping Gala 2022 cannot take place on site in Stuttgart as we had hoped. The ADAC Camping Awards ceremony will have to be held virtually as a live stream on 14 January.

Our organisation team has tried everything possible to hold the ADAC Camping Gala live in Stuttgart despite the current Covid situation. Unfortunately, the latest legal regulations and the decisions to be expected as a result from the state government of Baden-Württemberg as well as Messe Stuttgart have taken away any hope in the end.

We very much regret the late timing of the political decision. Now we will make the best of the new situation and organise a worthy virtual event.

ADAC Camping Gala will take place digitally

The virtual presentation of the ADAC Camping Awards will take place on 14 January 2022 from 19:20. You will receive the link to the event by email in January.

We would have loved to talk, laugh and celebrate with you in person in Stuttgart. In order to provide the winners of the ADAC Camping Awards 2022 with a virtual celebratory setting as well, we very much hope you will join us in person at the live stream on 14 January.

Until then, I wish you all the best from Berlin, please stay healthy.

Uwe Frers
CEO ADAC Camping GmbH