22 November 2023
22 November 2023, Comments Comments Off on ADAC, ANWB, and TCS join forces to expand digital camping activities as PiNCAMP GmbH
ADAC, ANWB, and TCS join forces to expand digital camping activities as PiNCAMP GmbH

The three largest mobility clubs in Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland are joining forces to expand their digital camping activities. From January 2024, the ADAC SE (ADAC), the ANWB BV (ANWB) and the Touring Club Switzerland (TCS) are merging their existing camping activities into a new entity of PiNCAMP GmbH, former ADAC Camping GmbH.

As part of the transaction, the three shareholders are investing €6.6 million in the further internationalisation of PiNCAMP.

In May 2024, the existing camping portal technology of anwbcamping.nl will be replaced by the portal technology of PiNCAMP, the domain anwbcamping.nl will remain.

With direct access to 27 million members of the automobile clubs, PiNCAMP offers the biggest reach among European campers towards the campsites.

From January, the former ADAC Camping GmbH will be renamed in PiNCAMP GmbH. In addition to ADAC, ANWB and TCS will also become additional shareholders of PiNCAMP GmbH.

In Q2 2024, the existing camping portal of ANWB Camping will be replaced by the portal technology of PiNCAMP. From that change on, one similar camping portal will be used in the Netherlands (www.anwbcamping.nl | ANWB Camping powered by PiNCAMP), in Germany (www.pincamp.de | PiNCAMP powered by ADAC) and in Switzerland (www.pincamp.ch | PiNCAMP powered by TCS). Further european country versions will follow.

These organisations are taking this action because they believe the consolidation of the camping industry will accelerate in the coming years. Large international companies, backed with billions of EUR of private equity and venture capital, are trying to gain dominant positions in the industry. Individual local or national companies will find it increasingly difficult to survive in this intensifying competition.

ADAC, ANWB and TCS have been involved in the camping industry for over 70 years. They recognized the importance of camping early on and have supported the growth of the branche from the very beginning. The clubs act in partnership, reliably and at eye level with the campsite entrepreneurs over decades. And due to their structure, ADAC, ANWB and TCS with their activities will not be for sale in the future, no matter who offers how much venture capital.

If ADAC, ANWB and TCS want to continue to support the industry with full force in the future, nationally limited activities are no longer sufficiently competitive. In order to be survivable in the age of the platform economy, greater investments and an internationalisation of activities are necessary.

That’s why ADAC, ANWB and TCS have jointly decided to build a counter-model to the global players equipped with venture capital and geared towards market domination.

By combining the camping activities of ADAC, ANWB and TCS and investing a further EUR 6.6 million in the development of a jointly operated camping booking portal, we the clubs are sending an unmistakable signal to the industry: “We are creating a long-term basis to continue our close, historically grown partnership with campsite entrepreneurs in the digital world. We will continue to support the growth of camping for the next seventy years. Fairly, in partnership, reliably, at eye level.”