3 May 2022
3 May 2022, Comments Comments Off on Aboutcamp BtoB issues its 100th newsletter
Aboutcamp BtoB issues its 100th newsletter

Aboutcamp BtoB is extremely proud to have issued its 100th newsletter with all the latest news from the global caravan industry to professionals in all corners of the world.

The newsletter is published every two weeks and is an addition to the Aboutcamp BtoB magazine (in print and online digital editions) as a way to circulate all the daily news stories published on the Aboutcamp BtoB website: https://www.aboutcampbtob.eu/.

The first newsletter was issued on 2013.

If you, or anyone you know, doesn’t already receive the newsletter, and may be eligible to receive a free copy of the printed magazine, simply click on the following link and complete your details: https://aboutcampbtob.mailrouter.it/user/register

We hope everyone continues to enjoy receiving and reading the Aboutcamp BtoB newsletter and magazine. If you have any caravan industry news or are interested in advertising in Aboutcamp BtoB magazine, please contact the team on redazione@aboutcamp.eu.

Happy Anniversary to Aboutcamp BtoB!