Aboutcamp BtoB helps professionals in the caravan/RV and leisure industry around the world keep up to date with all the latest business news and market trends in this sector. It’s the most well informed source of B2B information in the caravan industry, with a unique global perspective and an international team of correspondents delivering daily news online at www.AboutcampBtoB.eu, a monthly e-newsletter, and a high quality print magazine delivered (free) in Europe, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Japan, China, Korea, Argentina, Brazil, Chile. The Aboutcamp BtoB magazine is published four times a year with features including exclusive interviews with senior management from the industry, reviews of the major exhibitions around the world, and reports about the latest market trends, plus in-depth profiles of OEM suppliers who specifically manufacture components for this sector. With all the recent acquisitions, new technological developments and more and more consumers buying leisure vehicles around the world, Aboutcamp BtoB is essential reading for everyone working in any business related to the caravan industry. While so many flock to the internet, and have an inbox full of emails, Aboutcamp BtoB decided to print a paper magazine so that it gets more noticed, read, appreciated and discussed; so, we wish you happy reading!

Antonio Mazzucchelli – Editor in Chief
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Art director: Federico Cavina

Editorial team: Renato Antonini – John Rawlings – Terry Owen – Enrico Bona – Peter Hirtschulz – Paolo Galvani – Craig Ritchie – Andrea Cattaneo – Bartek Radzimski – Irene Viergever – Giorgio Carpi

Web team: Gabriel Lopez – Maurizio Fontana – Rocco Rognoni


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