Against the stream

While the rest of the world flocks to the internet, we are going back to paper. This is a choice which we are certain will be appreciated and which has been made in order to avoid overstuffing e-mail boxes with messages which, although valid, become lost in the shufflee of daily priorities and are mixed up anonymously among various other notices. And so we wish you happy reading!

Antonio Mazzucchelli – Editor in Chief
Mob. +39 3355338977
[email protected]

Editorial team
Enrico Bona – Terry Owen
Jörg Nullmeyer – John Rawlings – Andrea Cattaneo
Giorgio Carpi – Federico Cavina
Mauro Nogarin – Maurizio Fontana 

Tore Afdal (editor in chief  Bobil & Caravan)
Rok Vizovišek (editor in chief  Založba Avtodom d.o.o.)

Nicolas Ameri – Sales Europe/USA
Mob. +39 334 3851699
[email protected]

Giampaolo Adriano – Sales Italy
Mob. +39 338 9801370
[email protected]

Fuori Media srl
Viale Campania 33
20133 Milan – Italy
Ph +39 0258437051
E-mail: [email protected]
Internet: www.aboutcampbtob.eu

Aboutcamp BtoB is a magazine registered with the Milan Court on 22 Dec. 2016 at No.310.