14 November 2021
14 November 2021, Comments Comments Off on A statement by the CEO of NDS on the acquisition by Dometic
A statement by the CEO of NDS on the acquisition by Dometic

Commenting on Dometic’s acquisition of NDS, Mattia Di Sabatino, CEO of NDS Energy srl, made the following statement:

“I am excited to announce that I have signed an agreement for the acquisition of NDS by Dometic, a global leader in our sector.

This operation will allow us to take our projects and products all over the world, it is an opportunity for growth that we could not let go of.

This is a moment of great satisfaction for me as I have worked hard, starting from the bottom, to achieve my dream of creating an innovative company with intelligent and unique solutions in my field. I am extremely proud of how I pursued this dream every day, without ever getting tired or lacking any ideas.

In recent years, NDS has followed an exciting, incredible and difficult path. We have grown quickly, creating solid foundations, and have got our brand recognized at a European level.

I want to thank my collaborators for all this. They are the pillars of NDS. We have shared a lot over the years. Designing, developing, and promoting great value products has been possible only thanks to the people who have not simply carried out their duty at NDS, but have always given their best. Congratulations to you for being part of this!

It will be incredible to be part of Dometic and continue this journey together. I am sure that we will be ready for the new challenges, and continuing to research and innovate with increasingly cutting-edge solutions for our customers.
A big thank you goes to those who have always trusted us, and our Customers first of all.

On this journey I have met many nice people, collaborators, suppliers, colleagues and competitors. Travelling far and wide, I knew our world and every moment was precious.

I thank my wife and my family as without whom I would not be here today. They have always believed in me by supporting me 100% and, thanks to the serenity they created for me to live in, I had time and energy to start and carry on the NDS project ENERGY.

I thank my father, Carmine Di Sabatino, and my uncle, Lino Di Sabatino, who, starting from nothing, founded the basis of my path in a sector that I fell madly in love with.

Thanks Dad for teaching me to be an entrepreneur.

The story goes on.”