11 March 2021
11 March 2021, Comments Comments Off on A caravanning parade aims to raise profile of caravan tourism in Germany’s easing of lockdown plans
A caravanning parade aims to raise profile of caravan tourism in Germany's easing of lockdown plans

A parade of 110 caravans and motorhomes is being planned in Düsseldorf at 2pm on Saturday, 13th March as the caravanning community in Germany feels more consideration should be given to their self-sufficient vehicles in the government’s step-by-step plans for the relaxation of lockdown restrictions.

Two weeks ago, a Facebook group ‘camping at a distance’, created by Jan Kirschner, organised a small parade with 29 caravans or motorhomes, but this was almost not allowed due to current restrictions on organized public events. Since then, in a very short period of time, the Facebook group has grown to just under 3,000 members who want this campaign to continue across Germany. Other similar events are already planned in Hamburg, Berlin and Munich.

Why this parade? Jan Kirschner explains: “Various caravanning institutions and associations have sent letters to politicians and responsible bodies to answer possible questions about the relaxation of the lockdown and achieve at least the consideration of our mobile form of leisure time. Very little attention has been given to these written requests, so if our voice can’t be heared, then we have to make ourselves more visible.”

Why Düsseldorf first? It is where the annual Caravan Salon takes place, the world’s largest show for everything to do with mobile leisure, so is the European Mecca of caravanning.

As the pandemic progressed, it became very clear that caravans and motorhomes as a type of holiday and leisure time, are a form of tourism that meets all the requirements to resist the spread of the pandemic. Lots of people have invested in buying these vehicles.

Motorhome and caravan in Germany have had to stay home for many months now, yet in Germany’s step-by-step plans for the relaxation of restrictions to stop the spread of the pandemic, campsites and parking spaces are not accounted for separately and put together with competing forms of tourism and travel that are not (always) as pandemic-friendly.

Caravans and mobile homes are as safe and self-sufficient as a single family home. People and families spend their (free) time in vehicles with their own sanitary facilities, with kitchen, living room and bedroom, so are completely self-sufficient. If they meet anyone else, it is in the great outdoors at a suitable distance and in the open air. Children can play in a socially responsible manner as adults can with physical hobbies such as hiking, biking and similar activities.

The objective of the caravanning parade is about more acceptance of the mobile form of tourism and a sensible integration into the step-by-step plan of more easing of current measures. The nationwide response to the Facebook group “Camping at a distance” (https://www.facebook.com/groups/755717042034867/) clearly shows how great the desire for such actions is.