18 January 2024
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Nicolas Rousseau - Rapido Group

Building on an iconic brand: 4 questions to Nicolas Rousseau

Rapido Group’s Roadtrek Inc. launched the long-awaited pre-production Westfalia. Nicolas Rousseau, CEO of the Rapido Group, explains its new concepts, designs and appeal for North American and European dealers

Words Antonio Mazzucchelli and Steve Fennell

The Rapido Group’s RV brands are some of the most recognized on a global level. Nicolas Rousseau spoke to us about the current developments in 2024.

Aboutcamp BtoB: The Rapido Group has been making excellent inroads after acquiring Roadtrek. The company just announced the fantastic news that Westfalia has been relaunched in North America and Europe. Can you tell us about some of the concepts and reasons behind that decision?
Nicolas Rousseau: This class of RV is very popular in Europe, the U.S. and Canada and the Westfalia brand is known in North America as thousands of units have been sold since the 1960s. So, it just makes sense to relaunch the brand in the B-van market through Roadtrek operations.

Aboutcamp BtoB: How is Roadtrek adjusting to the current U.S. economy and the slowdown in the RV industry?
Nicolas Rousseau: We have seen sales slow as well. Production has stalled slightly but we are currently designing some new additional innovative products to promote and trigger sales.

Aboutcamp BtoB: Who is the consumer you are targeting for the relaunched Westfalia brand?
Nicolas Rousseau: After meeting with our dealers, we learned that the vehicle is used much differently in North America than in Europe. For example, in Europe, people sleep and shower in the vehicle and use it for their vacation for one or two weeks. In the United States, it’s also used as a secondary vehicle for outdoor events, taking kids to sports activities as well as camping. So, there are dual usages, but it’s a vehicle that people can use at a remote destination and have full autonomy with lithium batteries and a variety of features. Of course, it will be designed and adapted for both the North American and European markets.

Aboutcamp BtoB: Were you happy with the results of this year’s Elkhart RV Open House?
Nicolas Rousseau: We had a lot of dealers visiting our booth and many were interested in Westfalia. So, we collected requests and started establishing a dealer network as we begin production January 24.