7 April 2021
7 April 2021, Comments Comments Off on 2021 Japan Camping Car Show a complete success
2021 Japan Camping Car Show a complete success

by Bartek Radzimski

Over the past weekend, the 2021 Japan Camping Car Show was carried out in the Tokyo Greater Area with great success.  The show, which typically takes place in early February, had to be postponed by two months due to the Corona related State of Emergency.

With the final suspension of the State of Emergency announced on March 21st, the show which covered 20,000m2 of the Makuhari Messe, saw 24,100 visitors over the three days with both Saturday and Sunday registering over 9,000 each day.

The 120 exhibitors were comprised of vehicle manufacturers, suppliers and camping infrastructure related vendors.  In total, approximately 300 vehicles were on display and the manufactures reported a high quality of visitors with high intent to buy.  This, in turn, most manufactures reported good results despite the already lead-times necessary for acquiring the vehicles. 

“We succeeded in carrying out the most important show on the Japanese calendar in as safe and mutually beneficial fashion for the manufactures and the end users.” said Mr. Araki, the mid-February appointed Chairman of the Association “the RV offerings are completely matching the outdoor trend that is also evident in Japan, as well as, they also offer additional benefits for disaster relief and safety, a topic that many of us were reminded of with this year’s 10 year anniversary of the Tohoku Earthquake.”

The prospects for 2021 are quite positive with most manufactures having secured this year’s production volumes & many proceeding or preparing to expand production capacities to meet the needs. Finally, the local medias proactively covered the show connecting the warming temperatures to the benefits of camping car travel in COVID safe environment. 

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