27 April 2024
27 April 2024, Comments Comments Off on 12,000 km caravan trip sets out to prove hydrogen could be the future for camping
12,000 km caravan trip sets out to prove hydrogen could be the future for camping

A couple from the Netherlands have set off on a 12,000 km journey across Europe with a caravan storing hydrogen to power a fuel cell to charge their electric car to do the entire trip with zero emissions. The aim is also to prove that hydrogen could be a viable fuel for camping and caravanning, particularly for covering longer trips.

The bespoke caravan is being towed by an all-electric Ford 150 Lightning pick-up truck. They have modified the car so it can be charged by a fuel cell while driving. With 28 kg of hydrogen stored in the caravan, they claim to be able to travel 1,100 km without needing to refill.

Their fuel cell also powers everything in the caravan, such as hot water and cooking facilities, supported by solar panels.

During the road trip, they will be hosting events in each country to promote the use of hydrogen. They will be starting from the Netherlands and travel through 12 countries in 100 days to reach their destination in Istanbul, Turkey.

“Hydrogen plays an important role in reaching the targets of the Paris climate agreement for 2030.
Over the last decade people always spoke about hydrogen as the fuel for the future. We want the world to know that the future has started,” say André and Els Molengraaf.

“H2storage can deliver part of the solution to fulfill the climate agreement of Paris today. We can continue discussing about the best way to store hydrogen under high pressure, cooled and liquified, in ammonia or in any other optimized way in the future. The fact is that we are able to store hydrogen today under high pressure, and use it as an energy carrier for the fuel cells or combustion engines in a car, truck, van or other heavy duty application today,” they added.

For more details of the project, visit: www.h2roadtrip.com or follow H2Roadtrip on social media.